Feds Awards




At the end of the term, seven awards will be given to the most deserving candidates, either a club or a member, who were active in the past year (spring, fall and/or winter).

Congratulations to the Fall 2016 winners!

Vaishnavy Gupta and Michelle Wong, Fall 2016 Club President of the Term

Hank Park, Fall 2016 Executive of the Term

Rachel Lui, Fall 2016 Volunteer of the Term

Danielle Balan,  Fall 2016 Coordinator of the Term

UW African Students Association,  Fall 2016 Club of the Term

MEDLIFE UW, Fall 2016 New Club of the Term

Honourable Mentions:

President: Elisa Umuhoza, Sarah Khalid

Club: UW Hip Hop

Exec: Daksha Jadhav, Anthony Condotta

Coordinator: Tatiana Portelli-Graham, Paula Colaso

The categories for the awards are listed below.


The recipient of this award is a club that has exhibited distinguished and paramount execution of the tasks they performed throughout the term. The selected club must demonstrate value of teamwork and aim to positively impact the university community by enhancing student life. The club exemplifies their commitment to their club by having organized and participated in a variety of successful events pertaining to their club’s mandate. This award will be given to a club that either meets or exceeds the goals that have been mentioned and that stands out among all the other clubs.

Eligibility: Any active Feds club that is not currently on probation.

New Club

The recipient of this award is a new club that has exhibited commendable commitment to the particular purpose or cause for which their club was founded. The club must depict potential for future growth. It should either cater to a particular student need that was not fulfilled before the formation of the club or stand out among other clubs which are based on similar concepts. 

Eligibility: Any active Feds club that has been created over the last two (2) academic terms and is not currently on probation.


The recipient of this award is a president who has demonstrated their value of positive leadership and dedication to their club. This individual has gone above and beyond their obligations as president. This individual has demonstrated capability for initiating and coordinating various activities, events and other commitments required for the success of their respective group.

Eligibility: Any current Feds club president.


The recipient of this award is a coordinator who has demonstrated distinctive leadership and commitment to their team. This individual values teamwork and possesses a strengthened ability to both initiate and coordinate various initiatives that reflect the mandate of their team.

Eligibility: Any student volunteer for Feds with the Coordinator title.


The recipient of this award is an executive who has displayed exceptional commitment to a particular student group, activity or event. This individual has demonstrated excellence in the performance of their assigned tasks and has gone above and beyond their role requirements.

Eligibility: Any student volunteer for Feds with the executive title.


The recipient of this award is an individual who is extremely dedicated to their individual volunteer position and their team. This individual exemplifies passion for student life, and a commitment to enhancing the experience of those around them. This individual has contributed in a way that has made them stand out as a volunteer within their respective team.

Eligibility: Any student volunteer for a Feds affiliated group that does not fall under any other award category.


This award is given to recognize an initiative that was executed over the course of the term. This initiative engaged the student population and has successfully contributed to enhancing the quality of student life at the University of Waterloo,

Eligibility: This initiative is an event, project, or task that was accomplished by a Feds affiliated group throughout the course of the academic term. This initiative must not have been primarily staff driven. 

Nomination Process

Clubs or individuals must be nominated for the awards. Clubs or individuals can either nominate themselves or other clubs or individuals. The final decision will be taken by the Internal Administration Committee (IAC).

To nominate a person or a group you think deserves this award, you can fill out and submit the online application form.