Feds Awards Nomination Form

Nominations for Spring 2017 are due on Monday July 3rd at 11:59pm. All nominations submitted after this deadline and before the start of the next academic term will be automatically deleted.  Please read through the Feds Awards of Excellence criteria before submitting a nomination form.

Name of Applicant:

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Name of Nominee:

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Category of Nominee

Applicants are allowed to include pictures, videos and press releases. Each response should be detailed but must not exceed 500 words. The quality of the application will be taken into consideration by the selection committee.

1) Describe how the nominee fulfills the criteria for the award:

2) Discuss the most significant achievement of the nominee throughout the term/year:

3) Discuss the characteristics that set the nominee apart from others:

4) Include any other information relating to the nominee that you feel is
relevant for this award:

If you have any videos, photos, press releases, etc... you'd like to include in your application, please attach them below.