Student Life Endowment Fund




Calling all big-idea people! Do you want to improve our lounges, study rooms and student space? Do you have awesome ideas, but need some help with the funding?

Feds can help! Our Student Life Endowment Fund exists to help students fund these types of projects. Since the Spring of 1992, undergraduate students have contributed to the Endowment Fund, which was initiated as part of the "Coordinated Plan to Improve the Quality of Student Life at UW." Today, the fund stands in excess of $1 million. The interest on the fund is used each year to support various projects on campus. The priorities for this disbursement are as follows:

  • The improvement of accessibility on campus
  • The improvement of safety on campus
  • The improvement of existing lounge and study space
  • The renovations of student services

Notes and Criteria

  1. The online application form must be completed fully and submitted.
  2. You or a representative must attend an Endowment Fund Committee meeting in February or March to answer questions about your request. If you or representatives from your student organization are unable to attend, your request will not be considered.
  3. If your submission is academic in nature, it will be deemed ineligible for consideration.
  4. Members of the Endowment Fund Committee are not eligible to make funding requests.
  5. Please ensure that a complete and formal estimate of costs is included with your submission. This may include invoices, online quotes or costs given by Plant Operations on campus. They can be contacted at extension 36318 and will need two weeks to give a full estimate.
  6. Two formal estimates must be presented with any funding request for equipment or furnishings or work outside of Plant Operations' scope.
  7. Funding is open to undergraduate student associations only. Graduate student associations are ineligible.
  8. Funding requests that apply to any operating costs of a program will not be considered.
  9. The Funding Council provided funds for a project as described in your acceptance letter. This funding decision cannot be changed under any circumstances (for example, if they are funding a couch, you may not adjust the funding to purchase a chair).
  10. The amount you receive is what you will be funded. If your purchase price is higher than expected, it is your responsibility to cover the difference. The Endowment Fund will not provide you with additional funding, nor will it reconsider the original amount.
  11. You may not request funds for your purchases before May 1 of the year you apply. This is to keep in line with the University’s fiscal year operations.
  12. All purchases and services must be made and delivered before December 31 of the year you apply. If you fail to submit all invoices and receipts by this date, your funding will be forfeited.
  13. Due to time or funding constraints, the committee reserves the right to defer the consideration of any submission to the next year.


To apply, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact the Federation of Students's Vice-President Internal, at 519-888-4567 ext. 33780 or via e-mail at