Social Media

The Feds social media accounts will provide you with information about the latest events, contests, opportunities and more. Like out Facebook pages, follow us on Twitter, watch our initiatives on YouTube, and check in on FourSquare to become Mayor of one of our operations!

The Federation of Students

Facebook: UWFeds
Twitter: @UWFeds
YouTube: UW Feds
Instagram: FedsUW
LinkedIn: LinkedIn   

Your Feds Executive on Twitter
President: @UWFedsPres
VP Education: @UWFedsVped
VP Internal: @UWFedsVpi
VP Operations and Finance: @UWFedsVpof

Feds Operations

The Bombshelter Pub: Facebook, Foursquare and @BombshelterPub
Campus Bubble: Facebook and Foursquare
The Dispensary: Foursquare
International News: Foursquare
Student Life Centre: Facebook and @uWaterlooSLC
Bento Sushi: Foursquare

Feds Student-run Services

Campus Response Team: Facebook and @uwCRT
Co-op Connection: Facebook and @CoopFeds
Feds Food Bank: Facebook and @FedsFoodBank
The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity: Facebook and @UWglow
International and Canadian Student Network: Facebook, Facebook Group and @UWICSN
Off Campus Community: Facebook and @UWFedsOCC
Sustainable Campus Initiative: Facebook and @sustain_campus
The Women's Centre: Facebook and @uwwomenscentre

Feds Clubs

Facebook: Feds Clubs

Feds Special Events Programs

Feds Diversity Education Team: Facebook
Waterloo Team Feds: Facebook and @WTFeds