Past Executives

The Federation of Students is proud that its organization is led by students for students. We proudly share the history of our past Student Executive teams since 1960. 

1960-1961                       Nick Hathway (President)                                                              

1961-1962                       Paul Koch & Richard Hamilton (President)

1962-1963                       John Braun (President)

1963-1964                       James D. Kraemer (President)

1964-1965                       James G. Mitchell & Richard C. VanVeldhuisen (President)

1965-1966                       Gerald S. Mueller (President)                                            

1966-1967                       Mike Sheppard (President)                                                           

1967-1968                       Steve Ireland (President)                                                               

1968-1969                       Brian Iler & John Bergsma (President) 

1969-1970                       John Bergsma & Tom Patterson (President)

1970-1971                       Larry Burko (President)                                                                   

1971-1972                       Richard Page (President)                                                                

1972-1973                       Terry Moore & Shane Roberts (President) 

1973-1975                       Andrew Telegdi (President)                                                          

1975-1976                       John Shortall (President)                                                                

1976-1977                       Dave McLellan & Shane Roberts (President)                    

1977-1978                       Doug Thompson, Rick Smit, Ron Hipfner & Eric Higgs (President)

1978-1979                       Rick Smit (President)                                                                        

1979-1980                       Mark McGuire (President)                                                             

1980-1981                       Neil Freeman (President)                                                               

1981-1982                       Wim Simonis (President)                                                                

1982-1983                       Wim Simonis (President) 
                                             MargAnn Pierson (Vice President)                                                  

1983-1984                       Tom Allison (President)
                                             Michael Ferrabee (VP University Affairs)                                 

1984-1985                       Tom Allison (President)                          
                                          Mitch Retterath (VP University Affairs)           
                                          Jeff Wilson (VP Operations and Finance)                                      

1985-1986                       Sonny Flanagan (President)                     
                                          Scott Forest (VP University Affairs)   
                                          Mark McKay (VP Operations and Finance)                                   

1986-1987                       Scott Forest (President)                         
                                          Matt Erikson (VP University Affairs) 
                                          Carol Goulette (VP Operations and Finance)                                          

1987-1988                       Ted Carlton (President)                              
                                          Andrew Aboucher (VP Operations and Finance)         
                                          Adam Chamberlain, Mark Hovey & Dieter Turowski (VP Internal)       
                                          Nancy Johnston, Sandra Johnston & Allan Dunbar (VP Education)      
                                          Darren Meister (VP External)                             

1988-1989                       Adam Chamberlain (President)                          
                                          Wendy Rinella (VP University Affairs)              
                                          Shane Carmichael (VP Operations and Finance)                                        

1989-1990                       Dave Readman (President)                  
                                          Fran Wdowczyk (VP University Affairs)           
                                          Tim Collins (VP Operations and Finance)                                       

1990-1991                       Kim Speers (VP University Affairs)    
                                          Tess Sliwinski (VP Operations and Finance)                                             

1991-1992                       John Leddy (President)                          
                                          Lisa Brice (VP University Affairs)         
                                          Steve Millard (VP Operations and Finance)                                             

1992-1993                       Dave Martin (President)                        
                                          Sue Crack (VP University Affairs)       
                                          Brent McDermott (VP Operations and Finance)                                        

1993-1994                       Catherine Coleman (President)                          
                                          Sharon Flood (VP University Affairs) 
                                          George Van Nooten (VP Operations and Finance)                                   

1994-1995                       Stephen Codrington (President)                        
                                          Julie Cole (VP University Affairs)        
                                          Christine Dewhurst (VP Operations and Finance)                                     

1995-1996                       Jane Pak (President)                               
                                          Rose Bilicic (VP University Affairs)     
                                          Mike Suska (VP Operations and Finance)                                     

1996-1997                      Mario Bellabara (President)                            
                                          Julie Primeau (VP Internal)   
                                          Kelly Foley (VP Education)                    
                                          Tori Harris (VP Admin)            
                                          Heather Calder (VP Student Issues)

1997-1998                      Mario Bellabara (President)                            
                                          Kurt Schreiter (VP Internal)  
                                          Jeff Gardner (VP Education)                
                                          Raju Patel (VP Admin)            
                                          Heather Calder (VP Student Issues)

1998-1999                       Christian Provenzano (President)                                 
                                          Shelley Flynn (VP Internal)   
                                          Robin Stewart (VP Education)             
                                          Keanin Loomis (VP External)                                
                                          Meredith Owen (VP Student Issues)

1999-2000                      Christine Cheng (President)                            
                                          Chris Harold (VP Internal)      
                                          Veronica Chau (VP Education)                             
                                          John Doig (VP Admin)             
                                          Jason Risley (VP Student Issues)

2000-2001                    Chris Farley (President)                                         
                                         Mark Schaan (VP Education)                                
                                         Shannon Willis (VP Admin)   
                                         Desiree Taric (VP Student Issues)

2001-2002                     Yaacov Iland (President)                                       
                                          Ryan Stammers (VP Education)                          
                                          Dawn Phillips (VP Admin)      
                                          Brenda Beatty (VP Student Issues)

2002-2003                     Brenda Koprowski (President)                                       
                                          Mike Kerrigan (VP Internal)  
                                          Ryan O'Connor (VP Education)                            
                                          Chris Dillulo (VP Admin)        

2003-2004                     Chris Edey (President)                                       
                                          John Fedy (VP Internal)         
                                          Liam McHugh Russel (VP Education)                 
                                          Dave Capper (VP Admin)      

2004-2005                     Becky Wroe (President)                                    
                                          John Andersen (VP Internal)               
                                          Jeff Henry (VP Education)                     
                                          Reveel Afzaal (VP Admin)    

2005-2006                     John Andersen (President)                             
                                          Lawrence Lam (VP Internal) 
                                          Howie Bender (VP Education)                             
                                          Carmen Lam (VP Admin)      

2006-2007                     Michelle Zakrison (President)                                             
                                          Jeff Henry (VP Education)                     
                                          Renjie Butalid (VP Admin)    

2007-2008                     Kevin Royal (President)                                     
                                          Darcy Higgins (VP Internal)   
                                          Jonah Levine (VP Education)                                
                                          Del Savio Pereira (VP Admin)              

2008-2009                     Justin Williams (President)                               
                                          Andrew Falcao (VP Internal)                
                                          Andres Fuentes-Martinez (VP Education)                      
                                          Del Savio Pereira (VP Admin)              

2009-2010                      Allan Babor (President)                                     
                                          Sarah Cook (VP Internal)       
                                          Justin Williams (VP Education)                             
                                          Chris Neal (VP Admin)           

2010-2011                       Bradley Moggach (President)                                         
                                          Nikki Best (VP Internal)          
                                          Nick Soave (VP Education)                    
                                          Sarah Cook (VP Admin)         

2011-2012                       Matthew Colphon (President)                                       
                                          Luke Burke (VP Internal)       
                                          Natalie Cockburn (VP Education)                       
                                          Prashant Kumar Patel (VP Admin)  

2012-2013                       Andrew Noble (President)                              
                                          Alexandra Russel (VP Internal)           
                                          Adam Garcia (VP Education)                
                                          Prashant Kumar Patel (VP Admin)  

2013-2014                      David Collins (President)                             
                                          Natasha Pozega (VP Operations and Finance)              
                                          Devin Drury (VP Internal)      
                                          Adam Garcia (VP Education)                               

2014-2015                      Danielle Burt (President)                           
                                          Ben Balfour (VP Operations and Finance)      
                                          Maaz Yasin (VP Internal)        
                                          Stéphane Hamade (VP Education)                              

2015-2016                      Chris Lolas (President)                           
                                          Carly McCready (VP Operations and Finance)      
                                          Maaz Yasin (VP Internal)        
                                          Stéphane Hamade (VP Education)