The Federation of Students advocates on students behalves for anything that interferes with their education from tuition to housing and much more. Feds represents undergraduates to a number of external groups:


On campus


(Municipal government)


(Federal and Provincial)


Current goals/projects/What we are working on Current goals

  • Addressing housing issues in the community.
  • Fighting the 9% increase for International Tuition

Advocacy successes

  • We were able to help get over 7000 students to vote in the Fall Federal Election
  • We just conducted a pre-enrollment survey and passed along the feedback to the registrar’s office who is currently reviewing the data
  • Helped pass new free tuition for low income households

Students are able to share their thoughts and concerns with the VP Education.

To reach your VP Education:
Andrew Clubine
519 888 4567 x32340

How We've Supported You

The mission of the Federation of Students is to serve, empower, and represent the undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo.

How we've Served You

How we've Empowered You

How we've Represented You