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Glow celebrates 45 years of making an impact

March 3rd, 2016

Lives have been transformed inside its walls since 1971, and on March 8, 2016, The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity will celebrate 45 years of making an impact. As the oldest queer organization of its kind in Canada, Glow has advocated throughout the years for innovative changes to be brought to the University of Waterloo and beyond.

To celebrate its anniversary, Glow will be hosting a week of engaging events for undergraduates on campus. From March 7-11, the programming will include a talk by local activist Jim Parrott, a fun-filled karaoke night, and a series of monologues showcasing various sexual and gender identities called “Tales From The Inside.”

The main event on March 7 will be held at 6 p.m. at Hagey Hall Theatre. The first meeting of the Waterloo University Gay Liberation Movement in room 161 inside Hagey Hall in 1971. It will feature guest speakers including:

Adam Garcia, Glow Coordinator from 2009 to 2011
Dennis Findlay (via video), WUGLM member 1972-1974
Jeremy Steffler, Glow, Wednesday Night Discussion Group and LGTBQ Advisory Group Volunteer and Advisor, 1999 to present
Sue Weare, Glow Coordinator from Fall 2005 to Fall 2007

The service, which is run by passionate, dedicated student volunteers through the Federation of Students, is proud of how it has evolved over the course of its history.

“Two of Glow's major contributions are advocating for and successfully acquiring more gender neutral washrooms on campus, getting an updated map to identify where the bathrooms are located, and advocating for changes in the name change policies to make it easier for students, and particularly trans students, to have their preferred name appear on their school documents,” said coordinators Andrews Garcia Rodriguez and Shari Brown.

Glow takes a contingent from the University of Waterloo to march in Toronto's annual Pride Parade, and recently spoke at a Canadian Red Cross meeting about asking that all men who have sex with men be able to donate blood.

“In the future we hope to amplify our advocacy efforts. We will start this new venture towards more advocacy with our protest on the restrictions on men who sleep with men donating blood, which will take place on parliament in October 2016. We had been also considering the idea of working more closely with Co-operative Education and Career Action Centre (CECA) to create a workplace that is more inclusive,” said the coordinators.

As the milestone approaches, the over 45 student volunteers currently at Glow look forward to continuing to make a difference.

About The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Proudly governed by the Federation of Students since 1971, The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity is the longest continuously running queer and trans student organization in Canada. It is run entirely by student volunteers, and provides a safe, confidential space for undergraduates at the University of Waterloo to explore issues of sexuality and gender. For more information, please visit

About the Federation of Students
Since 1967, the Federation of Students (Feds) has been the voice of undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo. Feds undertakes initiatives both on and off campus to serve, empower and represent students. Feds operates seven commercial services, nine student-run services, oversees over 200 student clubs and societies and Orientation Week. For more information, please visit