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Imprint in the SLC

July 2nd, 2015

I want to take this opportunity to provide information about the Imprint space story published in the newspaper today.

First of all, the Federation of Students recognizes the value of having a student newspaper. Feds has many student volunteers, just as Imprint does, and understands what an enriching experience being a part of a student organization is for them.

Imprint volunteers, just like Feds volunteers, learn and grow through their involvement. Sometimes, our organizations share the same passionate student volunteers.

Since their office is located in the Student Life Centre, which is under our management, Imprint is considered a tenant of the Federation of Students. Out of respect for the tenants, the full terms of the agreement between the Federation of Students and its tenants are confidential, but Feds can confirm that Imprint has not been evicted from the Student Life Centre.

All tenants in the Student Life Centre have their lease agreements reviewed upon expiry by our Board of Directors, which consists of elected student representatives. Imprint was provided with the opportunity to meet with myself and the Board of Directors to share questions or feedback since receiving notice that their current lease agreement was not renewed this year.

I have also met with staff members from Imprint numerous times in the past few weeks to hear their feedback, and ensure I have a thorough understanding of their needs.

Feds is currently in negotiations with Imprint over the terms of their lease, and I’m legally obligated to keep that information confidential. No final decision has been made.

Feds evaluates each tenant’s renewal based on a number of criteria, such as student space needs, rent, optimizing utility of space, building traffic, etc. and does so in confidential session.

Another key factor in lease renewals is the 2014 audit of the space in the Student Life Centre (which can be found here). It’s important that the needs of undergraduates, student-run services, and student clubs be met. This is in progress, and space in the SLC is being allocated to various areas based on student feedback.

I’m happy to speak to anyone with questions once negotiations on the terms are complete.

Carly McCready

Vice President Operations & Finance