1. To inform students on how to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.
  2. To increase student safety at events and across campus by providing trained volunteers to provide first aid, CPR, and the necessary medical supplies.
  3. To build awareness of health and safety issues across campus.


In 1998, the Campus Response Team began its journey as an on-campus first aid team. CRT was quickly adopted thereafter as a service by the Federation of Students. With an advisory board consisting of representatives from Health Services, the Federation of Students, the Student Life Centre, the Safety office, and uWaterloo Police, the team has quickly grown to be fully integrated as a vital component of the uWaterloo community.

CRT is part of a national umbrella organization: The Association of Campus Emergency Response Teams of Canada (ACERT). In the past, CRT has both attended and hosted a variety of first aid competitions and extra training, including hosting a national first aid conference alongside Laurier’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) titled “NCCER: National Conference of Campus Emergency Responders”. CRT has also hosted a joint training simulation with Waterloo EMS, which has received attention in The Record, CTV, and other media.

CRT has recently undergone rebranding with its new motto: "Service, Excellence, Professionalism." As part of the re-branding, the logo was changed to the current Star of Life, including the motto. Our red uniforms have been replaced with navy blue for improved recognition and overall appearance. To increase visibility and member safety during outdoor and night events, CRT has also implemented reflective tactical vests. With these new changes, CRT is excited to serve the student community at the University of Waterloo.