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Executive and Student Council Representative Nomination Package


  • Please read this nomination form in its entirety.
  • Only undergraduate students from your constituency are eligible to sign council nomination forms.
  • Remember to fill out all parts of your nomination form.
  • Nomination packages are available paperless at or in a downloadable PDF format.
  • Applications will have a due date typically one week prior to the start of the campaign period. These will be submitted to the Feds Front Desk in the Student Life Centre.
  • A Candidate Info Session will typically be held on the same day, following the campaign submission deadline. This Info Session is mandatory as important information will be shared concerning the elections process and the campaigning period.
  • Candidates are responsible for becoming familiar with the Federation of Students’ By-laws and applicable elections procedures.
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit a maximum 100-word bio and/or platform summary with this nomination form to be included in Feds elections promotional materials.

Paperless Nomination Packages:

Visit during the nomination period to obtain your paperless nomination package. 

Executive Nomination Packages: 

Student Council Representative Nomination Package:


Undergraduate Student Senate

 Full details regarding senate nominations are provided by the University Secretariat.