Volunteer Opportunities

President’s Advisory Committee, Committees of Students Council, Presidents Department

This committee is used to advise the President on decisions made regarding University representation including student services, undergraduate student issues, and business of the University Senate.


Tasks and Responsibilities:

  *   Time commitment: At least monthly meetings

  *   Term: Winter Term

  *   Make decisions on behalf of Students' Council relating to the Presidents' portfolio. Such decisions may only be made when, in the opinion of the committee, they justifiably do not warrant the consideration of Students' Council.

  *   Make recommendations to the President on Feds governance structures.

  *   Make recommendations on student appointments to University committees upon request by the President.

  *   2 committee seats open

All interested applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter via email to Chris Lolas, President.

Honourary Lifetime Membership Committee, Committees of Students Council, Presidents Department

Term: Winter Term - January to March

Time commitment: 1-2 meetings total

Seats Available: 3 committee seats

The sole function of the committee is to review, and put forward individuals for consideration for honourary lifetime membership in the Federation of Students ("Federation"). The selected individual's names are put forward at the March General Meeting of the Federation of Students to be voted on for honourary lifetime membership.

All interested applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of interest via email to the Students' Council Speaker.

Elections and Referenda Appeals Committee (ERAC)

The Elections & Referenda Appeals Committee shall:

* Consider appeals of Elections & Referenda Committee decisions where new information has been submitted or there is contention that the Elections & Referenda Committee did not follow the procedure for deciding whether a candidate or committee did or did not violate the rules;

* Remain impartial and unbiased on referendum issues and candidates and make no public statements concerning the referendum except in regard to procedural matters, and

* If it made decisions, submit a report to Students' Council that details its decisions, within sixty (60) days of the end of the polling period.

There are two (2) seats available for undergraduate students. All interested applicants are encouraged to submit a cover letter via email to the Students' Council Speaker at, speaker@feds.ca.

Clubs Support Team Winter 2017

Job Title: Club Support Team Coordinator, at least 6 positions available

Contact Person Email: clubs.manager@feds.ca

References Required: No

Numbers of References Requested: 0


The Federation of Students (Feds) is seeking a team of motivated students who are passionate about peer-to-peer support and getting involved with our more than 250 clubs. The Clubs Support Team mandate is to serve, empower, and represent the Feds’ clubs. The goal is to assist clubs carry out both their club purpose, as well as their current club goals.

General Accountability

All Club Support Team Coordinators are accountable to each other, the Clubs Manager, Campus Life Department, and the Feds to ensure optimal service and support is provided to all clubs.

Nature and Scope

To create and empower a team of University of Waterloo (UW) students to assist and support Feds clubs. Not only will this provide a professional development opportunity for a number of students, but this team will also increase the ability of the Feds to reach out to clubs by connecting with them with a more accessible support structure.

The team is expected to operate as an autonomous cohesive unit as much as possible, responsible for the self-delegation of tasks through consensus, and the management of each task progress ensuring completion is within deadlines. Occasionally tasks may be assigned directly by the Clubs Manager or delegate though. The team is also expected to maintain an open channel of communication and feedback with the Clubs Manager and Campus Life Department.

The position overall is designed to:

  • Increase assistance for clubs through peer-to-peer mentorship and support;
  • Enhance the sense of community between clubs; and
  • Assist the Clubs Manager in administering the clubs system.

Average Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per week

Specific Accountabilities

All coordinators will be responsible for the duties as follows:

  • Act as a strong leader and positive role model for Clubs, the Feds, and the UW
    • Uphold the principles, mission and policies of the Feds and the UW
    • Be the voice for clubs
    • Build a rapport with as many clubs as possible
    • Represent all clubs at Clubs Support Meetings (1 hour weekly)
    • Attend club events when possible
  • Build a sense of community between clubs
    • Inform clubs of upcoming club events, training sessions, and opportunities
  • Offering potential collaboration/partnership suggestions to clubs for their events or activities
  • Special event planning and logistical support
    • Organize and implement Clubs and Societies Days
    • (If possible) organizing and implementing other club community events if desired
    • Maintain the Clubs Community Center, clubs resource room, and clubs locker room areas
    • Assist with the set up and take down of events as required
  • Clubs Service
    • Become knowledgeable about club policies, procedures, and resources
    • Raise awareness of the resources clubs have at their disposal (i.e. Marketing, IT, Accounting, Bookings, club Rooms)
    • Hold at least 5 office hours per week during the scheduled Clubs Support Team Office Hours (10am-4pm, Monday-Friday)
    • Respond to all club questions via email or in person
    • General administrative duties
    • Other duties as assigned by the Clubs Manager or Feds personnel


  • Ability to work as a contributing member of a team
  • Previous knowledge of Feds clubs policies and procedures and/or involvement in a club is an asset, but is not required
  • Customer service experience is an asset, but not required
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task and problem solve
  • Willingness to take initiative, participate in team meetings, and promote club events
  • Must be a full-time student (including co-op) for the duration of the position
  • Complete any training as required by the Clubs Manager and the Feds

Coordinator Position Details

If preferred, specific coordinator roles may be created within the team (i.e. Resource Coordinator, Community Coordinator, etc.), through the assignment of specific duties from above or similar. This is at the consensus of the Team or through assignment by the Clubs Manager.

Mandatory Dates

  • Position Training (Date flexible, before end of December preferred) Weekly Meetings (starting the week of first lectures)
  • Clubs and Society Days (Thursday January 19th and Friday January 20th 2017)

Note: You must be available to assist with set-up, execution, and tear-down, but will not have to be at the event all day Thursday and Friday

  • Volunteer Extravaganza (Date TBD, Mid-March)
  • Club Coordinator Volunteer Appreciation (Date TBD, Mid-March)

Visit LEADS for more information and to apply.

International Students Policy Working Group – Winter 2017

4 spots available (must be international students)

The University of Waterloo has a large and ever growing population of international students. These students face barriers and issues that differ from those experienced by domestic students. It is important that international students have a voice and are represented by the Federation of Students. The Vice President Education hopes to create a policy regarding student’s belief about the issues faced by international students. This would allow for formalized, high level recommendations regarding international student issues that would support consistent advocacy going forward. Examples topics include health care, pathway to permanent residency, tuition costs and much more.

If you are interested, please email Sarah Wiley at vped@feds.ca detailing why you would like to be on the committee.

Co-op Students Council – Winter 2017

2 spots available

The Co-op Students’ Council is a body that meets to facilitate regular feedback channels between undergraduate students and the Department of Co-operative Education and Career Action and the Federation of Students on issues relating to co-operative education. It is a forum for students to advise the Vice President Education and CECA staff of current attitudes and opinions towards existing operations and to provide suggestions and advice for improvement. 

The Council’s mandate covers a range of CECA operational issues including: job placement software (e.g. WaterlooWorks), student-staff relationships at CECA, student support through co-op process, progress on CECA projects, employment standards, availability and diversity of jobs, etc.

If you are interested in sitting on this committee, please email Vice President of Education, Sarah Wiley, at vped@feds.ca.

SLEF Funding Committee Position

The Student Life Endowment Fund provides funding to projects that will improve student life on campus. The focus of this fund is to improve lounge space, accessibility, safety and other similar aspects of the student experience. There is almost $100 000 allotted to the fund this year and the SLEF Funding Committee decides which project the money goes to. The makeup of the committee is the Feds Vice President Internal, the Feds Vice President Internal, Elect, 2 students at-large (elected by Students' Council), 2 Councillors, 3 society presidents (elected by the Committee of Presidents). If you are interested in holding a seat on this committee, please email Deanna Priori, Feds Vice President Internal at vpin@feds.ca expressing your interest and why you should be elected to this committee.

Deadline is January 14th at 11:59 pm

Policies and Procedures Committee, Committees of Students Council, Presidents Department

The responsibilities of this committee include:

  *   Ensure that Students' Council policies and procedures are consistent with the bylaws of the corporation;

  *   Propose amendments and renewals of policies and procedures to Council;

  *   Ensure that any unwritten procedure commonly utilized by the Corporation be proposed in the form of a written procedure;

  *   Ensure that the policy and procedure manual is updated and complete



  *   Attention to detail is a necessity

  *   Experience working with policies is an asset


Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  *   Time commitment: At least bi-weekly meetings

  *   Term: Winter Term

  *   2 committee seats open


All interested applicants are encouraged to contact via email Chris Lolas, President.