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Strapped for cash and need some food? Don’t go hungry! Come to the Feds Food Bank and get groceries for free. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, this valuable service is confidential.

The Feds Food Bank is the home of Meal Exchange, a program that gets students involved in unique projects to raise awareness of hunger problems and collect food for the less fortunate within the area.

Please bring your WatCard and a grocery bag (we only check WatCards to make sure you are affiliated with the University of Waterloo). The Feds Food Bank also runs food drive events! Check the event calendar to see an updated list of events or our Facebook page. The Feds Food Bank also has a hamper system. If the office is closed during your visit, you can visit the Turnkey Desk and ask for hampers. There is a meat and vegetarian option!

CANpetition Event Sign-Up

Disclaimer: This is the sign-up form for CANpetition. Once registered, you and your team will be competing against other teams across campus to collect as many non-perishable food items/hygiene products (unexpired and unopened) as possible before the deadline of March 17th in support of the Feds Food Bank. You may start collecting as soon as your team has registered!!!

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 I will deliver my donations on the week following March 17th to the food bank office in SLC 2104 I require pick-up of my donations on the week following March 17th

Thank you for your participation! Happy Collecting!

Office Hours

For Office Hours please check our  Facebook page.

Contact Information

Office: Student Life Centre (SLC) 2104
Email: foodbank@feds.ca

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