Lending Library




Glow maintains a collection of several hundred books and magazines in our resource library. As of Winter 2017, it is now a part of the University of Waterloo’s official TriUniversity Group of Libraries (TUG) library system. Our books can be found and reserved through their online library system, or you can come to the Glow Centre in-person to sign out the resource. Our collection has a variety of subjects and topics – with categories such as Asexuality, Coming Out, and Biographies – and all our resources are currently being updated to include content warnings.

Additionally, Glow has a number of movies and TV series on DVD. However, the DVDs are not available to be taken out.

Borrowing Resources

Library resources may be borrowed by the public for a four-week period. Simply visit the Glow Centre and an office volunteer will be happy to help you sign the resource out. It is necessary to leave your name and contact information to ensure that resources are returned. 

Non-Borrowable Resources

Resources in the library that are not allowed to be taken out include: magazines, movies, TV shows, and reference books. These resources can be enjoyed when accessing the Glow Centre. We currently have magazine subscriptions to Outlooks, Curve, Out, Proud, and Original Plumbing. Let us know if you have suggestions for any additional magazines relevant to the Centre - our collection is always expanding.

Other Resources

If you are looking for a specific title which we don’t have, Glow Centre and phone line volunteers can usually help you track down the resource. The UW libraries, the city libraries (Waterloo and Kitchener), the UW Bookstore, and many other local bookstores all carry small collections of queer titles. If you are looking for a specific title which we don’t have, Glow Centre volunteers can usually help you track down the resource. 

Donating to the Library

Glow accepts donations of books, magazines, videos, music, and other resources from the general public. If you are interested in donating, please contact us at education@glow.feds.ca. We also have a book donation box in the centre on our bookshelf, where you can drop off any donations in-person.