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2017/2018 Academic Affairs Commissioner Intro Blog

May 16th, 2017

Hi there! My name is Maya Venters and I am the new Academic Affairs Commissioner for the 2017-2018 year. I am currently in my 2A term majoring in Political Science with a minor in Legal Studies. I live in the St. Jerome’s residence, where I enjoy being involved in activities ranging from leadership groups to student government. In my spare time I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, rowing and rock climbing.

Maya Venters, Academic Affairs Coordinator 2017/2018.

The Academic Affairs Commissioner position allows me to combine my interests in student government and my passion for academics and creating positive change all in one job. This position will provide me with the opportunity to represent undergraduate students in their academic concerns and to help initiate and facilitate plans for growth and change on campus. I am very passionate about helping others succeed and I believe this position will allow me to work directly with students to help them in their studies, and in other aspects which impact their academics.

I have had similar experiences working with academic issues at the university, and wanted to expand the scope of my work and gain greater experience at a higher level. I want to advocate for students where they have academic concerns and to help remove barriers to learning, growth, and access to resources which will help our students succeed. I have previously held a position similar to this one as the Academic Affairs Liaison on the St. Jerome’s Students’ Union. This position has allowed me to connect with faculty and staff during weekly meetings, and work with students to voice their concerns on academic issues. I have helped deal with academic changes to courses and within faculties and have enjoyed the relationships I have built with professors and other staff in my community.

My top goal for the upcoming year is to look into academic accommodation for students with chronic mental and physical health issues. I hope to introduce a plan which will make it easier for students with chronic health concerns to seek academic accommodation in the most efficient and respectable way possible. This will ensure these students do not need to worry about any added stress when seeking accommodations and can instead focus on their studies with the help and support of the university.

I am also very interested in establishing equal academic standards across faculties, and ensuring we allow all our students the same opportunities for learning and growth. I hope to continue my predecessor's work to ensure students' rights are clear and are being met, to encourage a high quality of teaching and educational experience, and to assist students when they are faced with academic barriers or concerns. I am truly looking forward to where this role takes me and I am excited to share with students the projects I will be working on in the upcoming months.

Written by Maya Venters, Academic Affairs Commissioner for 2017/2018.