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Beating Procrastination

April 11th, 2017

Edward Young once wrote, “Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Whether it’s a lab report you’ve been putting off, an essay you need to write, or an exam you need to study for, procrastination sometimes gets the best of all of us. Who else has been guilty of starting an assignment the night before it’s due because we were trapped in the scholastic sinkholes known as Netflix and Facebook?

As we’re deep in the midst of exam season, it’s important to forego the habits that steal our much needed study time. Overcome your procrastination and make the most of your study sessions with these tips:

Map out your study schedule

Do you use a planner or calendar? Try writing down all of the days you intend to study. Be specific: map out the times you will study, where you intend on studying, and the chapters that you will be studying – even note the time of your study breaks. Give yourself deadlines. Creating a timeline that precisely maps out you study schedule will help negate the problems of disorganization and forgetfulness.

The Turnkey Desk offers complimentary planners for students – take advantage and grab one. By mapping out everything you need to study for, you will be able to visualize your workload – this is bound to motivate you to start studying!

 Make study groups

Form a study group with your fellow peers and schedule all the days you plan to study. By committing yourself to a study group, you will be held accountable to people who are expecting your presence. The key is to surround yourself with people who push you to do better and be better: by meeting with people who are dedicated to working, you will feel less inclined to focus on anything else but that.

Block outlets that distract you

One of the biggest sources of procrastination is technology. If your phone is the reason you keep procrastinating, turn it off. Even better, give it to a trusted friend to keep hostage as you study. If YouTube, Facebook or Reddit serve as your academic vices – block them. There are a number of free applications that allow you to temporarily block websites, like SelfControl, StayFocused, and Cold Turkey. These apps allow you to set a timer so you can decide how long you need to block a certain website. You will not be able to access these sites for as long as the timer is running; restarting or deleting the app won’t break the blockages if the timer is still running, so don’t even bother. Download one of these apps to blacklist your biggest technological diversions and create a distraction-free study hub.


The best thing about overcoming procrastination is that it gives us the time we need to produce our best work. By studying early, you are giving yourself more leeway to do practice questions, go over different chapters, and maybe even teach your friends the material (who may or may not have been procrastinating). The quality of your work reflects the way you choose to designate your time, so designate it wisely.

Give these tips a shot and curb your problems with procrastination. Good luck and happy studying, Warriors!

Written by Kathy Nguyen, Communications Assistant.