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Clear Out Your Cupboard for a Cause

July 27th, 2017

Are you getting ready to move and not sure what to do with all the leftover food sitting in your cupboards? Feds Student Food Bank can help you out, and you’ll be helping out your fellow students.           

Feds Student Food Bank is open to all students at the University of Waterloo and is currently holding their Cupboard Clear Out event.

“The purpose of this event is to collect any left over food students may have in their kitchens and don't want to move to wherever they are going next. Instead of this food going to waste, it can easily be donated to the Food Bank,” said Feds Food Bank coordinator Vanessa Wildeman. “This helps supply the food for our food bank in the upcoming months.”

Food donations can be made at various locations across campus, including the Dana Porter Library, Davis Centre Library and South Campus Hall. Donation bins are also located in each of the residences and outside the Food Bank office at Student Life Centre 2104.

Wildeman said that while she understands some students are reluctant to use their services due to social stigmas, the Food Bank maintains a welcoming and supportive environment and is staffed by students who can all relate.

“There is definitely a stigma about coming here, but we are a completely judgment-free zone,” said Wildeman. “It is so important for students, who are already spending a lot of money on tuition and textbooks, to have support and somewhere to go if they need help with food. All our volunteers are students and we are all going through similar circumstances. I think this environment really helps people be comfortable coming to us for help.”

Feds Student Food Bank also posts tasty, simple recipes that incorporate commonly donated items on their Facebook page. Recent recipes include chicken tortillas, veggie fried rice and summer pasta salad. Even if you don't need to access the Food Bank right now, it's a helpful resource for cheap and quick meal ideas.

In addition to collecting non-perishable food donations, the Feds Student Food Bank also has hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, razors, deodorant and tampons, Wildeman said.

“We are also always looking for snack items. These are very popular and go fast,” she added. “We have fresh and frozen food some of the time. Again these go fast, but we have a fridge and freezer, so we also accept perishable items.”

Wildeman said she is looking forward to the activities that have been planned to encourage more student involvement and donations next term, including a Halloween food drive called Trick-or-Eat.

Whether you’re clearing out your cupboard or looking to fill it up, the Feds Student Food Bank is available to help Waterloo students year-round.

“We don't want anyone to go hungry and we have lots of food to go around,” Wildeman said. “If you are short on money, which is so common for so many students, just stop by!”


Written by Leanna Walsh, Communications Assistant