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Feds takes action with uWaterloo administration following the LEARN outage

January 31st, 2013

The program LEARN has been unavailable to students since January 29, 2013 and issues with the site are still being resolved.

The Federation of Students is currently advocating to the University administration to create an across-the-University exception on the deadlines of assignments and tests for this week. Students can’t properly prepare for tests and assignments when the online content is unavailable. Currently, each professor is deciding individually what to do about this situation.

“My advice to students is to continue to work on assignments and don’t stop studying for online tests. We will work with the University to resolve issues that arise from this situation and encourage a better IT management process moving forward,” said Andrew Noble, the president of the Federation of Students.

Although LEARN is hosted by Desire2Learn, which is an external organization, the Federation of Students will encourage the University to develop a long-term quality technology infrastructure at the University of Waterloo which supports our academic excellence.

In the short-term, each professor has the power to decide what happens to assignment deadlines and tests as a result of this outage. The Federation of Students encourages students to contact their professor directly if they are unclear about what is happening. If students have a particular issue with a professor or Teaching Assistant (TA) who isn’t changing the course deadline – please contact the Feds Academic Commissioner Maaz Yasin at He is documenting issues and the more he knows the easier it is for Feds to advocate for students to the administration.