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Feds on Tour

March 8th, 2017

Here’s something you already know: the University of Waterloo is enormous. With a 1,000 acre main campus that holds over 100 buildings, and three satellite campuses located in Kitchener, Cambridge and Stratford, not all students have the time, proximity or ability to connect with the Feds Executive during their office hours in the Student Life Centre.

But here’s something you may not know: Feds will come to you!

“We want to give the opportunity to students that don’t have the energy to look up who to talk to or come to the Feds offices, whatever the case is, to give them the chance to meet Feds people and if they have questions or concerns, be able to have that conversation,” said Vice President Internal Deanna Priori.

Deanna heads up Feds on Tour, where executives, staff and volunteers depart from Feds’ main office in the SLC to connect with students at satellite campuses or other areas of main campus.

“We try to hit areas of campus that students may hang out in more,” Deanna said. “For Engineering students, us going to CPH (Carl A. Polluck Hall) and being there as an opportunity to talk is probably more convenient than having a booth in SLC where they may not walk by.”

VP Internal Deanna Priori takes Feds on Tour.

Feds on Tour is an opportunity for students to share issues, chat about how to get involved, or just to put a face to the name of their VP Internal.

One of Deanna’s election platforms was to build stronger relationships with satellite campuses. At the beginning and end of each term, Feds on Tour visits satellite campuses and brings along a similar experience to being on main campus. During last term’s Wrap Up Week, they brought a pop-up salad bar to satellite campuses, and have previously brought pizza, pastries or popcorn to other Feds on Tour stops.

“A lot of students [on satellite campuses] were confused: they thought they had to do something or we were selling it,” Deanna said. “It’s just we want to bring a part of main campus to you and give you that experience that you don’t get necessarily because you’re away [from main campus].”

Feds on Tour is also an opportunity to send positive energy and good luck to students during the beginning and end of terms, while handing out a tasty treat.

“It’s something nice to brighten your day,” Deanna said.

Meeting with students has given Deanna the opportunity to learn about challenges that she may not have known about otherwise. When visiting the Pharmacy campus in downtown Kitchener, students told Deanna about their parking problems.

“Pharmacy students have parking privileges at UWP,” Deanna said. But the students told her that they wanted to park by CIF since they mostly came to the area to do intermurals.

Feds surveyed students and brought the results to Parking Services; as a result, Pharmacy students can now park at both X and UWP lots.

“Any opportunity I have to enhance their experience I try to do, even if it’s something as simple as parking,” Deanna said. “I know it really mattered to a lot of students.”

Sometimes students are unaware of the services that Feds provides or what their councillors are doing for their campus. Feds on Tour is a good opportunity for Deanna to answer any questions, address any issues or dispel any misinformation, in an effort to foster a stronger sense of connectedness across all UW campuses.

“Having that connection to the university and that pride, whether it’s in your academics or athletics or being involved in volunteering, is a nice way to be connected with other people who care about the same thing as you do,” Deanna said, which adds to a better overall experience, she added.

While Deanna is about to embark on her final Feds on Tour before as she wraps up her term as VP Internal, it is clear she has enjoyed the experience of connecting with students across all campuses.

“My favourite part is when students take the opportunity to talk to me, whether it’s about a problem or something they like or something they want to know more about,” Deanna said. “I’m passionate about Feds and the university and helping students have the best experience, so whenever I have the opportunity to learn how to better do my job, that’s my favourite part.”

Visit Deanna and Feds on Tour in your neck of the UW woods:

Main Campus – Popcorn Giveaway

March 13th
MC Comfy lounge
1PM – 2PM

March 16th
CPH foyer
12PM – 1PM

Satellite Campuses – Salad Bar

March 20th
Pharmacy Kitchener campus
12PM – 1PM

March 21st
GBDA Stratford campus
12PM – 1PM

March 23rd
Architecture Cambridge campus
12PM – 1PM