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MC Transformed into Bowser’s Castle for Training Event

July 11th, 2017

The Mathematics and Computer (MC) building looked a little different on Saturday, July 8 as the Campus Response Team (CRT) orchestrated their annual Casualty Simulation event with a Super Mario Brothers theme.

Campus Response Team provides first aid treatment for medical emergencies at events around campus. You may have seen the team at the Columbia Lake Canada Day celebrations or other big celebrations on campus. Each team member is trained in CPR and Standard First Aid - at a minimum. CRT team members are trained to respond to emergencies before ambulances and paramedics can arrive on the scene.

The annual Casualty Simulation event is a chance for CRT to practice their emergency response skills and for student volunteers to get a chance to sport plenty of (fun) injury makeup.

The day started early at 8 a.m. on Saturday as volunteers and the CRT met at MC to organize injuries, apply makeup and explain how the day would proceed. Volunteers came wearing old clothes, ready to look and act the part of injured bystanders. The Super Mario Brothers theme meant that volunteers had to play the part of someone with a host of injuries, from being struck by lightening to being crushed in a collapse. To ensure unaware community members didn't see random injured people all across campus, the simulation was restricted to rooms within MC.

CRT Operations Coordinator Rahul Varghese shared some details from the event and what the team focused on practising during the all-day training simulation.

“This year we had fun teaching the team environment awareness with things like lava rooms where they had to keep themselves safe first,” Varghese said. “The simulation took place in Bowser's Castle so we had some fun hazards like ghosts chasing the responders, which helps build attention to your surroundings and the importance of keeping yourself safe first so you can help others.”

The biggest event the CRT has to deal with is practised every term and is referred to as a “massive casualties” or “mass. cas.” event.

“The idea of a mass. cas. is to practise what happens when there are most casualties than responders, when they have to work beyond the resources they have,” Varghese said. “There's usually sixteen to twenty casualties and only three responders.”

The idea of a themed simulation is a recent addition, starting last term with the apocalypse-themed, “At World's End” simulation.       

“The simulations don't just test their first aid skills but also their interpersonal skills,” said Varghese. “We're always focusing on improving the standard of care for mental health and in that simulation it was tough. People were like 'Well where can I go?' and after the apocalypse there's nowhere to go.

If you’d like to get involved with this action-packed and dedicated team, you can always volunteer with them; or, if you happen to already be certified, then you can apply to be on the team. If you just want to have a few questions answered and check things out, drop by the CRT office in SLC 3101.

The University of Waterloo community can rest easy at events knowing that the CRT is on hand to assist should there be any sort of emergency event. They've got the training from cuts and burns to lava floors and Bob-ombs. 


Written by Leanna Walsh, Communications Assistant