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Outdoor Study Spots

April 13th, 2017

Exam season can be a reclusive time. We close ourselves off in the cubicles of Dana Porter and the Davis Centre and before we know it, the sun has gone down and the dark road to home awaits us.

Staying indoors all day can be an isolating experience. Now that the snow has melted, the flowers are growing, and the sun is finally shining, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the great outdoor spots that the University of Waterloo has to offer. Here are five outdoor spots where you can study while getting that vitamin D!

Outside Dana Porter Library

If you’re tired of the cubicle life, take a trip to the Arts Quad and experience the newly-built patio. With a bright yellow theme, umbrellas to provide shade, and tables to lay out all your books, it’s the perfect study spot for you and your friends to take a break from the indoors.

Environment 3 Rooftop

On the third floor of the Environment 3 building, you’ll find this hidden gem where you can study while looking at a view. The Environment 3 rooftop offers a great sense of peace and perspective where you can study while getting some fresh air.

Conrad Grebel Patio

The university-colleges are a great place to study since they are typically a lot clearer of students - this means you won’t have to scramble looking for a place to study! Try the outdoor patio at Conrad Grebel where you can even take a quick study break and play volleyball in the field right next to it.

Student Life Centre

The Student Life Centre (SLC) is a popular study hub for all students and now that the sun is finally out, it’s the perfect time to disperse to the outdoors and take advantage of the SLC’s park tables to get that vitamin D while studying.

Arts-Environment Gardens

Take a trip to the arts-environment gardens right between Hagey Hall and the Environment 1 building, where you can bask in the sun while enjoying nature and all the greenery the garden has to offer. It’s a great place for those who appreciate a quiet, relaxed, and tranquil environment.

Now that it’s spring, studying for exams mean no longer having to be restricted to the solitude of four walls. Take advantage of the warmer weather and rediscover the natural beauty that our campus has to offer. Your surroundings can truly affect your mood, so try out these outdoor study spots to click refresh on your environment. Forget the Wi-Fi: soak in that vitamin D, and it’ll be amazing how much you can accomplish!

Photos and story by Kathy Nguyen, Communications Assistant.