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Running for Change

July 11th, 2017

With all the stress of exams and assignments upon us, it can be easy to trivialize the small things and forget how fortunate we are.

The University of Waterloo Orphan Sponsorship Program (UWOSP) was launched in the spring of 2007 by members of the University of Waterloo Muslim Student Association (UWMSA), and seeks to sponsor orphans, support special projects and raise awareness locally.

“Our dedication is rooted in the UWOSP’s core values of humanitarian aid which coincide with the fundamental values of charity and generosity, which are prevalent in Islamic faith,” said Samah Abid, an urban planning student and marketing lead for theOSP’s Run4ward: Charity Costume Run for Orphans.

UWOSP has been actively engaged in supporting orphans around the world for the past decade. This year, they have raised over $36,000 through various crowd funding initiatives, events and fundraising dinners.

In collaboration with 13 other clubs and societies, UWOSP is organizing Run4ward, a charity run where participants can dress up in funny or unique costumes.

“The mission of this charity run is to raise money to help support orphans around the world through the facilitation of a welcoming, fun, creative, and active environment for the campus community,” Abid said.

Organizers are hoping to raise $20,000 at Run4ward, all of which will be donated to Plan International, one of the oldest and most reputable children’s development agencies in the world.

 In addition to raising funds and awareness, Abid hopes Run4ward will create a sense of community on campus.

“This is an important cause because it unifies the whole university in a way that gives back to the global community,” Abid said. “We are privileged enough to be gaining an education and the least we can do is get involved with a program that supports orphaned children and helps provide them with an opportunity to grow.”

Want to take part? Register for Run4ward here.


Written by Kathy Nguyen, Communications Assistant.