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Sustainable Campus Initiative aims to restore Davis Centre path

March 28th, 2014

The Federation of Students’ Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI) is the only on-campus group dedicated to sustainability. Run entirely by students, SCI is responsible for identifying and initiating environmental projects in response to student needs. SCI strives to engage undergraduate students in the topic of environmental sustainability by advocating for and coordinating policies, practices, and initiatives in order to create a more sustainable campus.

A current goal for SCI is restoring a sense of appreciation to The Davis Centre area, which is home to the University of Waterloo’s prestigious Math faculty. It is also a hub for all kinds of activities for students, both class-related and social.

SCI will achieve this through the Davis Centre Redevelopment Project. The project involves paving an egress created by students as a pathway through the Davis Centre courtyard. This will be completed using an environmentally friendly, permeable paving solution generously donated by Oaks Pavers. Permeable paving solutions avoid surface water runoff by filtering water through well-spaced stones to allow for maximum irrigation to underground soil systems. This system will support a healthy courtyard, eliminate ice and mud buildup and provide the area with a beautiful walkway.

Students can look forward to this major improvement in the spring of 2014. Given the harsh winter weather conditions, the ground is still partially frozen. Construction is delayed until it has completely thawed.

Special thanks go out to the groups who have made this project possible: The Federation of Students, Mathematics Society, Math Endowment Fund, Office of the Dean of Mathematics, and the University of Waterloo’s incredible student body for their contributions through fundraising events held by the SCI.

 - Written by SCI volunteer Elspeth Holland.