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Going Above and Beyond: Recognizing our Volunteers

July 13th, 2017

The hundreds of Feds volunteers who dedicate their time to making campus a more fun and inclusive place were celebrated and recognized at the Spring term Volunteer Appreciation event on Monday, July 10.

Volunteers from Feds clubs, societies, Orientation, Welcome Week, Wrap Up Week, and governance congregated at The Bombshelter Pub to enjoy food, music and to celebrate their fellow peers with awards.

 “These awards are designed to recognize volunteers who go above and beyond,” said Jake Riesenkonig, Feds clubs manager. “The aim of the awards is to foster the community of volunteerism.”

 Feds volunteers are the drivers of many amazing initiatives happening throughout campus. Volunteer Appreciation was a chance to thank volunteers and to recognize that their time and efforts never go unnoticed.

“Without volunteers, Feds would not be as effective as it is,” Riesenkonig said. “We rely heavily on our volunteers to provide many of our offerings. Students make us who and what we are.”

 The winners are awarded with a certificate, Feds cash card and their names engraved on a plaque on the Feds Awards of Excellence wall. They are chosen by an internal administration committee made up of board members and students at large.

“Generally, the people who win these awards aren’t trying to win them,” Jake said. “They’re intrinsically motivated and passionate about their area of interest, and are doing everything within their grasp to achieve their objectives - that is what makes them exemplary.”

Feds recently unveiled a new award: the advocacy award. It is designed to recognize a student’s advocacy work for a Feds affiliated group.

If you would like to recognize a volunteer’s admirable efforts, you can nominate them for an award by filling out the Feds Award Nomination form.

Below are this term’s winners:

Coordinator: Tatiana Portelli-Graham, Campus Response Team
Volunteer: Kiarash Amini, Iranian Students Association
New Club: UW Habitat for Humanity
Executive: Quynh Chau, Habitat for Humanity
Initiative: Grand Iftar ’17, Muslim Students Association
President: Moeez Jamal, Pakistani Students Association

Honourable mentions:
President: Amit Mehta, Entrepreneurship Society
Volunteer: Emily Johnston, Campus Response Team
Exec: Colin Whaley, enTECH Computer Club, and Kabeer Jadoon, Pakistani Students Association
Grand Prize Winner (Air Canada Gift Card): Madeline Keltie

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for all that you do!


Written by Kathy Nguyen, Communications Assistant.