SLC Event Form

This form is not for Feds Clubs, Services or Student Societies

This form is intended for events to be held in the SLC by Campus Recreation, University Departments, Faculties

Organization Name:
Sub group name:
Contact Person's Name:
Email Address:
Name of the Event:
Event Organizer Facebook Page or Website:
Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Event Start Time:
Event End Time:
Event Location:
Event Price:
Expected Attendance
Event Description:

Will this event be recurring during this term ?

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Who is invited to this event?

 Restricted to Organization Members Only (e.g. General Meeting) Open to the University of Waterloo Community Open to the General Public (other than UW Community)

Do you require a table in the SLC Market Place to Promote the event?

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limited to 3 days per event and/or per month
Start Time:
Start Time:
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Event Calendar

If you would like your event in Feds calendar and student portal, please fill out the following form once your event is approved.

Food Service

Will food be served at your event?

 Yes No

If your event is open to the public, you must submit a food vendor application to the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health Department for approval in order to have food at your event. The form can be found here and must be faxed to the Region of Waterloo’s Public Health Department at least 2 weeks prior to your event. You are welcome to bring this filled out application to the Feds front desk in the SLC to have it faxed on your behalf.

Any event open to the general public in which food will be served must originate from one or more of the following:

 Federation of Students food outlets UW Food Services operations Professional caterers or Retail outlets/Restaurants Grocery Stores Graduate Student Association outlet Faculty Student Society Coffee and Donut (C&D) outlets

Nothing Homemade

Provide the details of what you are serving and where the provisions are prepared

Please pay strict attention to the Safety Guidelines found here.