SLC/PAC Expansion Referendum

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The Feds President has spent the year working with the University and GSA to put forward a proposal for an expansion to student space on Waterloo campus. The general guiding principles for this project have been to increase student space of all kinds, both trying to catch up and meet the current demand, but also looking ahead to the enrollment growth 10 years from now. University of Waterloo has also been trying to integrate all three buildings (SLC, PAC, new project) so that student life and athletics and recreation are considered holistically. In February, this proposal will be going to referendum, when every student will be able to vote on the project.

  • To view the preliminary plans of the SLC/PAC expansion project, visit
  • To view dates on debates, voting, and other events, visit the election webpage
  • Yes and No committees will be formed soon (links coming soon)
  • To place your vote on February 9 - 11, visit the page

View the Creating space for students at UWaterloo article.


From February 9 - 11, 2016, students will be able to vote yes or no on the following question:

Do you support a fee of $18.00 per term for the construction of the SLC/PAC Expansion with the following conditions:

  • part time students pay 30% of the fee
  • the fee will begin after completion of the project
  • the fee will be indexed annually to inflation, thereafter
  • any student contributions to on-going operating costs will be determined by a committee whose membership is comprised of a majority of students