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Need to contact any of the Women's Centre executives? This is where you'll find their contact information!
Contact me if you: have book/pamphlet/zine recommendations, have ideas for discussions nights or speakers, have writing or art you'd like to submit to Voices (our annual anthology).
Contact me if you: have event ideas or speaker recommendations, have event comments or criticisms, would like to partner with us on an event.
Contact me if you: have marketing ideas, love or hate our social media presence, want us to share or discuss a particular piece of media or issue using social media, want to know how to find us on twitter, tumblr or facebook.
Contact me if you: have ideas for educational events or campaigns, have workshops or seminars you would like us to offer/attend.
Contact me if you: want to be a volunteer, are a volunteer and are going to miss a shift, find the centre is missing a certain resource (condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, etc.).
Contact us if you: have any general inquiries or comments (including criticisms!), want to work on an advocacy campaign, would like to partner on an event, would like to book a peer support session, would like to know what Women's Centre is (and/or where it is), have anything else you feel like emailing us about.